WORCESTER (CBS) — Police in Worcester are warning people about using Craigslist after a person was stabbed while attempting to sell a Playstation 4 gaming system.

Police say the person met the potential buyer last week on Fairbanks Street.

When the two met, the suspect asked the victim to walk to a more secluded area where they could make the transaction.

That’s when police say the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the seller several times.

The suspect stole the item and fled the area.

There’s no word on the victim’s condition.

Police say a similar incident occurred earlier that day on Beaver Street, involving a sale of another Playstation 4 on Craigslist. The suspect description was similar in that attack.

Another man, trying to sell some fancy sneakers met his potential buyer at a Dunkin’ Donuts, Tuesday night. The potential buyer pulled a gun on him.

Police arrested Moses Hurley, 18, and a juvenile is connection with the Dunkin’ Donuts robbery. Police do not believe they are responsible for Playstation robberies and stabbing.

Police urge those making transactions through Craigslist to arrange meetings in public areas. Buyers and sellers should choose an area that is well-lit and populated.


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