BOSTON (CBS) – You’ve heard of Naughty Mazz, but there’s a new game on the Toucher & Rich show called ‘Stoney Tony’ – and it was unveiled Tuesday morning.

Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, and nobody is more excited about that than ‘Stoney Tony’ Massarotti.

Toucher and Rich play some audio of a baked Mazz describing players in the AFC Championship Game, and it’s up to the listener to decipher who it is.

Here are the riddles:

1. “Why won’t this guy catch any passes? Why is his helmet so big? Why is Beetle Bailey always sleeping? He’s probably baked all the time! Beetle Bakely! There’s a Beetle on our show…weirddddd.”

2. “This football guy’s got like the coolest name in the world bro, get it? Their team has a flying head on their helmet ha? Flying head! Stoney Tony just ate a package of baloney.”

3. “This guy is huge. He’s even taller than my Genghis bong – and that’s a two man operation! But he’s always hurt, he has some sweet pills. Don’t bogart the perks baby! Save some tic-tacs for Stoney Tony you jabroni!”

4. “Man, this guy is really fast – and his first and last name rhyme bro! Aqib Talib! Aqiiiibbbb Taliiiibbb…whoops, I just gave you the answer. Screw you if you don’t like Foghat.”

5. “Hey there broseph, Mr. Wizard. He’s like the old Nickelodeon dude – except he’s a bong. Be a dear and pass the space cakes Logan Mankins!”

6. “This co-worker of mine smokes more than I do. He likes the Grateful Dead, and you’ve got to be high as [bleep] to like the Grateful Dead – fact not opinion!”

Listen below for the answers:


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