By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) —  Jake Duhaime is a diehard New England Patriots fan. The 29-year-old said these past 48 hours have been a roller coaster of emotions.

On Sunday, he scored two tickets to the AFC Championship Game on StubHub for only $40 each.

“We are very excited. It’s a very big game. When I saw those seats dipping at that miracle price point I jumped on it right away and booked a flight,” Duhaime said.

Soon after he received another email from StubHub saying the seller made a mistake and the tickets are nearly ten times the price Duhaime bought them for, and that his tickets are no good. StubHub promised to refund him the $98 dollars, plus an additional coupon.

“Initially they tried to back off in terms of offering me a refund for the amount you paid but at that point you book a flight you want to go to the game,” Duhaime said.

Determined not to give up, Jake turned to twitter to voice his disappointment. WBZ-TV spoke with Jake and also reached to the company for an explanation.

“It’s the way an open place market happens. There’s going to be error on the seller’s part. We have to give the seller the chance to sell the tickets and give them the opportunity to post the tickets the way he intended to post them,” StubHub spokesperson Jessica Erskine said.

A few hours later StubHub emailed Jake saying the company is giving him his money back and giving him the two tickets for free saying: “We are happy to provide you with these tickets so you can attend what I’m sure will be an incredible game!”

“There’s a happy ending, they gave me the tickets for free I am pumped to spend a great day in Colorado. I love using them, they’ve been great to me over the years. I love telling the story of the once in a lifetime deal rather than the guy who had that taken away from him,” Duhaime said.


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