BOSTON (CBS) – Tuesdays mean one thing on Felger & Mazz: A visit from Jermaine Wiggins.

And part of Wiggy Tuesday’s are “10 Questions With Wiggy.” Here are the questions from Tuesday’s edition, ahead of the Patriots-Broncos AFC Championship:

10. You played with Peyton Manning — what’s your best Peyton Manning story?

9. How big of a factor is the altitude in Denver, and what is the best way to account for it?

8. Who is the funniest woman alive?

7. You don’t like John Fox — what is your best John Fox story (and don’t be a wuss)?

6. If you were starting a football team from scratch, which quarterback would you choose? Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick or Cam Newton?

5.  Translate the Wiggy word on the street: I gotta get back on my bangerz, gotta get my ear back to the street in 14. I’m missing out on some hot FYA!!!

4. Of the four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, what team had the best uniforms and/or best logo in the 80’s?

3. You played in two conference title games and two Super Bowls. What’s more difficult?

2. If you could take one player from the Broncos and put him on the Patriots, who would it be?

1. Who is your favorite to win the Super Bowl?


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