BOSTON (CBS) – Hardy posed a number of different Patriots-related questions for Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak Friday afternoon during their ‘No Huddle’ segment.

Here they are:

– Hypothetical Question: Three seconds left in the game at Gillette Saturday night. It’s raining. You can pick one kicker to hit the game-winning 44-yard field goal. Stephen Gostkowski or Adam Vinatieri?

Zolak: “Give me Vinatieri, no offense to Gostkowski.”

Gresh: “It’s borderline but you gotta go Vinatieri. If I had to rank all the remaining kickers left in the playoffs I would go Vinatieri #1 and Gostkowski #2.”

– Over/Under 10: The number of Stevan Ridley carries against the Colts.

Zolak: “Under. I just think Blount is the bell cow right now.”

Gresh: “Over. I think they’re going to run the ball 35 times, so if you have under for Stevan Ridley, that means LeGarrette Blount is getting 25 carries – I just don’t see that right now.”

– Would you rather have the Patriots down 24-20 with three minutes left and Tom Brady has the ball? OR the Patriots defense on the field trying to protect a 24-20 lead with three minutes left and the Colts have the ball?

Zolak: “I’ll take the latter. I’d rather have the lead and the defense on the field.”

Gresh: “I would feel more comfortable with them down and the ball in Brady’s hands.”

– Twitter Question: Would you rather have Brady make it to the Super Bowl and lose or not make it at all?

Zolak: “Make it and lose. Say what you want, but when you make the Super Bowl – even though you may lose it – yeah it feels like crap but it’s still an accomplishment.”

Gresh: “I would say not get there at all.”

Listen below to hear about who will/won’t make the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, and leave us your answers in the comments section:


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