By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Regular readers may recall a promise I made here awhile back to be diligent about acknowledging and correcting errors, and I need to make a down payment on that promise today.

Before watching Gov. Chris Christie’s marathon press conference Thursday, I said that “even if he didn’t know what was going on, he’s exposed as an arrogant boob who created a toxic culture in his own office.”

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

A couple of you called me out on that, and you were right to do so.

Even though I meant to use “boob” to reflect the nasty attitude Christie has obviously nurtured within his inner circle – according to those vile e-mails – it is more commonly understood to mean “idiot,” and that is not an appropriate word to describe the governor, who is obviously a smart man in many ways.

I apologize.

But have you ever heard the expression: “he’s so smart, he’s stupid”?

The more I review the video and mull over Christie’s apology Thursday, the more incomplete it seems.

He should also be apologizing for letting political ambition cloud his judgment to the point where his closest aides figured the boss would love it if they played ultra-hardball with some pol they were displeased with, no matter the collateral human damage.

Explaining the firings of the culprit aides Thursday, Christie said: “I can never allow personal feelings or long-standing relationships to get in the way of doing my job the way it’s appropriate to do it.”

But what if your “job” of the moment is re-election and setting up the pins for a Presidential round of candlepin bowling?

I guess you can’t let personal feelings – or empathy for your fellow man – get in the way of a goal that lofty.

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