BOSTON (CBS) – Adolfo thinks he has what it takes to make it on Jeopardy, so we tested his knowledge Wednesday  morning in three different categories.

Here are the questions:

Category I: Sports

1. The opposing coaches at this February 3rd, 2013 event were brothers: Jim and John Harbaugh.

2. Zero players were elected into this sport’s Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 2013.

3. The 2012 US Women’s Gymnastics team had this numeric nickname.

4. In an interview with Oprah, he finally admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France.

5. An iPhone commercial featured these two sisters playing ping pong instead of tennis.

Category II: American History

1. He served under Andrew Jackson in the campaign against the Creek Indians before he became president of Texas.

2. The date on Delaware’s flag, December 7, 1787, is when Delaware became the first state to do this.

3. John Carver, elected the first governor of this colony in November 1620, died the following April.

4. In 1809 this noted hostess became the first US first lady to throw an inaugural ball.

5. This four-time New York governor was the first Roman Catholic to run for president on a major party ticket.

Category III: The Toucher & Rich Show

1. This is the new formality for getting paid for endorsements or appearances.

2. Who is the sponsor of the Sports Hub Super Bowl trip?

3. What three guests were on the show Monday?

4. Name one thing that was in Jon Wallach’s update today.

5. The name of the man that you sit next to for the past few years is Dan O’Brien – what is his wife’s name?

How do you think Adolfo fared?

Listen below:


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