BOSTON (CBS) — JetBlue resumed flights Tuesday morning but the backups continued.

At Logan, a whole lot of baggage made it to the baggage claim but not a lot of owners.

Some folks camped out at Logan overnight.

Juanita Guess was supposed to fly to Palm Beach Saturday. But the last week has been a mess of weather problems and new regulations forcing pilots to take longer breaks.

Now that JetBlue has promised to get flights back on track, Guess went back to Logan.

Fighting a bevy of delays and cancelations, JetBlue announced Monday they would shut down operations at Boston’s Logan Airport, New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports and Newark Airport in New Jersey for 17 hours in order to get flights back on track.

Even though flights resumed after 10 a.m. Tuesday, red letters showing cancelations and delays lingered on the status boards.

The company has debuted a compensation chart for affected travelers. Depending on how many flights were canceled per traveler, JetBlue is offering rewards points or in some cases, a one way ticket on a future flight.


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