By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

DUXBURY (CBS) – A Duxbury man is alive thanks to a neighbor who plowed a path to his house after he collapsed during last week’s nor’easter.

Last Friday, when the storm was winding up, Don Moreau’s heart started acting up and before he knew it, he was unconscious.

“I just finished having breakfast and I was going and I said ‘Jeez something’s not right, I have to sit down,'” Don Moreau told WBZ-TV Monday.

His wife called 911 and when Duxbury EMTs got to his house, they could hardly get in, because of all the snow. That’s when a neighbor saw what was going on and took it upon himself to snow blow a path into Don’s house.

“By the time the ambulance got here they had a good path, snow-blower right to my door,” Moreau said. “That was very convenient.”

The neighbor’s effort was more than a convenience, as it saved precious minutes for EMTs and Don Moreau.

“It was horrible out there,” said Duxbury Fire Captain Rob Reardon. “It was instrumental that this Good Samaritan came over with his snow-blower and cleared us a path. We had snow up to our knees.”

The neighbor was Mark Campbell. He has been on the street as long as the Moreaus and the Campbells say it was a team effort.

“We ran over and started to clear a path,” says Sandy Campbell, “and then also Ben the neighbor down the street ran over with a shovel and started clearing the walkway as well.”

It’s a tight neighborhood with tight friendships that may have saved Don’s life.


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