BOSTON (CBS) – We took a different approach to the Gresh & Zo ‘No Huddle’ today, doing a little “buy or sell” as it relates to various NFL topics.

Mike Flynn filled in for Andy Gresh, so with him and Scott Zolak it was a rare panel of just NFL veterans on Friday afternoon.

Here were Friday’s ‘Buy Or Sell’ topics:

1. Johnny Manziel as an NFL quarterback?

Zo: BUY – he understands the passing game unlike Colin Kaepernick, and he’s a competitor.

Flynn: BUY – He can make all the throws and he won’t run around and scramble in the NFL like he does in college.

2. AJ McCarron as an NFL quarterback?


Flynn: SELL – Never been impressed with Nick Saban’s Alabama products in the NFL besides Eddie Lacy.

3. Ryan Mallett as an NFL quarterback?

Zo: I’ll take Ryan Mallett over Josh Freeman.

Flynn: SELL – Haven’t seen much out of him.

4. Tim Tebow as a TV analyst?


Flynn: SELL

5. Peyton Manning in the playoffs in cold weather?

Zo: Until you show me otherwise I’m SELLING – You can keep your Manning, I’ll take my Brady.

Flynn: SELL SELL SELL SELL – I go back to that Baltimore game in last year’s playoffs: he can’t threaten vertically or outside the numbers in cold weather.

6. Patriots in the AFC Championship game?


Flynn: SELL

7. Stevan Ridley carrying the football in high-pressure situations in the playoffs?

Zo: BUY – he’s proven to me over the last few weeks that he’s changed.

Flynn: SELL – LeGarrette Blount is the guy going forward.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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