BOSTON (CBS) – Computers were supposed to make our lives simpler.

We now have laptops, tablets and smart phones to keep track of. As well as all of the paper that comes into our homes.

Some of you are feeling smug for you have everything stored on your computer. You even have it saved to the cloud. But I know that there is still important stuff you go looking for. Maybe it’s your computer you now search and not your desk.

Experts say we spend 40 hours a year looking for the important stuff we put away in very safe places. We just can’t remember which safe place we put it in!

Get yourself organized! Organize your computer. I use Outlook for my address book, calendar and my to do list. But I also keep a paper calendar on my desk and I know Anthony does also. Buy a calendar, a day planner and something for addresses or treat yourself to a smart phone.

To keep track of the family schedule set up a master calendar in the kitchen and give everyone a different color marker so they can put in the important stuff so you know when and where everyone needs to be.

I know all that information is on your phone but you are not going to tape your phone to the refrigerator so everyone can see the schedule!

Next, organize all that paper. Purchase some folders, filing crates, or a filing cabinet. Whatever will fit into the space you have available.

Then start gathering up the important stuff that you need to organize. You know where they are, in the safe places you have for filing now; a kitchen drawer, a desk, a closet, a shoebox.

Shred all of the stuff you don’t need any longer.

Once everything is organized, you will find life simpler for it will be easy to find the important things of your life.


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