BOSTON (CBS) – After their most recent loss to the Bulls on Thursday night, the Celtics have fallen out of the playoff picture entirely and currently sit as the number nine seed after losing five of their last six games.

The C’s take on the Pelicans tonight at home before embarking on a brutal five-game Western Conference road trip.

Is water starting to seek its level with this team?

With Rajon Rondo’s return to game action nowhere in site, Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti have hope that “tankapalooza” is back on, so the Celtics can secure a top pick in the upcoming draft!

“I think it’s back on. This is a big one tonight. If they lose this one they can go on a run. I’m talking a legit run here if they are able to blow this game,” said a sarcastic Mazz Friday afternoon.

The Celtics currently sit at 13-19, which is good enough for second place in the Atlantic Division.

Ainge On Rondo: ‘He’s Anxious To Practice And Play’

However, the Nets and Knicks are just 2.5 games back and have everything to play for down the stretch of the season, given the amount of money both teams have spent to win, and win now.

With the way the Celtics have been playing as of late, and the expectation that other teams in the conference will get better, it’s not unrealistic to think this team could fall off the map entirely.

“As much as it looked like ‘tankapalooza’ was off a couple weeks ago, it’s really sort of on now,” said Felger.

“I don’t think the Celts will get to number one, there’s too many bad teams and Brad Stevens is still going to win games he should probably lose. So they’ll never get to number one – but we never said get the number one pick.”

“Get a high pick. Get a top five pick. What is wrong with that?” said Mazz.

“If they lose tonight, they could drop eight in a row just like that – piece of cake! And all of a sudden they are right there in the hunt for one of those top five picks. To me, this thing is alive. Tankapalooza is alive.”

Listen below for the full discussion:

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