BOSTON (CBS) – Tony Massarotti came in Thursday afternoon very optimistic of the Patriots and the way they finished the season at home against the Bills.

Playing devil’s advocate, Michael Felger thinks people who aren’t high on the Patriots have a case, and he goes through all the reasons why there’s reason for pessimism.

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Felger prefaced his argument by saying he’s picking the Patriots to get to the AFC Championship Game, and he likes their odds against the three teams they could wind up facing: Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Kansas City.

However in going over some of their marquee wins, there’s a case to be made that some of them weren’t so marquee.

“Your home win against Denver was your best win of the year. Denver is the top seed in the AFC and you came back from 24 down – it took a lot bounces, but you won it.”

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“But every other win you can qualify: New Orleans sucks on the road. Baltimore, out of nowhere, bailed the last two weeks of the year. We thought Atlanta was a great win at the time and we quickly saw what that was worth.”

“Who have they beaten? If you wanted to make the case that this Patriots team is a fraud then you could do it,” said Felger Thursday afternoon.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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