BOSTON (CBS) – These past weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve have been stressful.

The majority of folks out there have overindulged in so many ways. And you have begun to wonder how you are going to undo the damage?

We will ring in a brand new year tonight and with that we want to undo or redo some of the things we did last year! Or we want to start something new, make something even better. Thus we make New Year’s Resolutions. We are really good at making those resolutions and not very good at keeping them.

Do you make the same resolutions each year and by Valentine’s Day all of your good intentions are down the toilet? Choose just one or two this year for its easier to work on just one or two. You really don’t need a complete makeover! You are okay. Perhaps a bit of tweaking though might help.

The experts say it’s very hard to give up old habits like smoking, drinking, video games, shopping, gambling, caffeine and chocolate. These are the addictive ones and yes chocolate can be addictive! I have not seen a twelve-step program for chocolate but I am seriously considering writing one.

You have a better chance of succeeding at your New Year’s resolutions if you are looking for a fresh start and not trying to change an old habit. Exercising more has a better chance than giving up cigarettes.

Another good suggestion is to work with a buddy. You will be accountable to someone.

The experts do agree on one thing, you need a plan to succeed. Write down your resolutions, prioritize them. Then outline what it will take to reach your goals. How much time and money are you willing to spend on your resolutions? How bad do you want to change?

By writing them down you have activated a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System and you will begin to process information on those goals.

Happy New Year!


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