BOSTON (CBS) – Another year has passed and the Cleveland Browns are again looking for a head coach to lead their team.

At the conclusion of 2012, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels reportedly turned down an interview with the Browns, and here we are again in 2013 and Cleveland would like to have a word with McDaniels.

Report: Browns Want To Interview Josh McDaniels For Head Coaching Vacancy

It was theorized at the time that McDaniels turned down the Cleveland interview because he was being groomed to be the next head coach of the Patriots.

If McDaniels does in fact interview with Cleveland this time around, does that mean “the succession plan” has changed?

Adam Jones believes that the way McDaniels handles this Cleveland vacancy will tell you a great deal about how long Bill Belichick plans on coaching the Patriots.

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Jones thinks that Belichick and Brady will go out in style together sometime in the next five years – a fitting end to their “perfect marriage” of coach and quarterback, while Adam Kaufman doesn’t think that’s the case.

Kaufman predicts Belichick will be a “Patriots lifer” and remain with the organization in some capacity for the rest of his life.

Listen to hear the full discussion, and weigh in with your opinion in the comments section below:


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