BOSTON (CBS) – The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning seemed to be playing Madden on XBox all season long.

The Broncos became the first team in NFL history to surpass the 600-point threshold, edging the 2007 Patriots and their record of 589 points.

In doing so, quarterback Peyton Manning threw for a record 55 touchdowns and 5,467 yards, leading his team to a 13-3 mark and the number one overall seed in the AFC playoffs.

Everyone knows it’s a passing league nowadays, with more and more quarterbacks throwing for 4,000-plus yards and putting up gaudy numbers on a weekly basis – but it wasn’t that way in 2007, or at least not as prolific as it is now.

When you also factor in that the 2007 Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season, both Adam Jones and Jermaine Wiggins feel like this 2013 Broncos team is simply just not as impressive.

“We are in New England, so we’re going to be looked at as honks everywhere else, but I just think what the Patriots did in 2007 and that offense, was more impressive,” said Adam Jones.

“It wasn’t quite so wide open of a passing league then, so what they did at the time was revolutionary. This Denver passing offense, while it was the best statistically, it didn’t feel revolutionary to me, or change the game. I think what the Pats did in ’07 was better,” concluded Jones.

For Sports Hub host and former NFL player Jermaine Wiggins, he feels like a Super Bowl for Peyton Manning and company would help validate his 2013 record-setting regular season and solidify their offense as the best ever.

Until then, Wiggy believes that what the 2007 Patriots accomplished as an offense – while going through an undefeated regular season – ranks just a tick higher than this 2013 Broncos team.

“It was a better accomplishment for the Patriots in ’07 because they went 16-0. There’s a difference when you’re undefeated, and every single game the pressure starts adding and adding up. What they were able to do as an offense, they were able to deal with the pressure and still go out there and set records,” said Wiggy.

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