CANTON (CBS) — On March 28, 1980, Canton Police pulled a man over for driving drunk. Thirty-four years later, that man is saying thank you.

The unnamed man recently wrote a letter to Police Chief Ken Berkowitz.

The letter in its entirety is below:


On March 28th, 1980 – “WOW” – almost 34 years ago I was stopped by one of the Canton Police officers for – an honest way to say it – driving very drunk. BAL, 2.5. I was treated very kindly and with respect by all of the Canton Police involved both on the road and at the station. I do not remember any of the names of the officers on duty that evening. By now they may have long retired.

I had a big time drinking problem for 18 years. A quart of gin every night and all kinds of prescription meds to help me straighten out in the morning. All of that along with 4 packs of cigarettes a day – I really do not know how I survived.

I was placed in a cell for about an hour to wait for a bail bonds man to come in. While in that cell I did a lot of thinking. Believe it or not at least my head was clear enough to do that. After I paid the bail bonds person the officer gave me a ride home to Dunbar street. After returning home I called a person that I knew that has been trying to get me to go to Alcoholics Anonymous for quite some time.. I told her of my arrest and she asked me if I would go to an AA meeting with her the next evening and I said yes. Again that was March 28th,1980. That was my last drink. Four years later I quit the cigarettes also. I have been living in Florida for the past 28 years.

I am forever grateful to the Canton, Mass. Police Dept. for the kindness and direction that I needed to get my life back.

A Very Long Overdue “THANK YOU” !!!


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