By Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – So here we are, at the last game of the season and the Pats are pretty much right where they need to be. They have the second seed and a chance at the top spot. I’ll say this, after last weekend’s game against the Ravens, the Pats have a little bit of a swagger to them that they haven’t had all year long.

I’m not sure we need to have a huge prediction here. I think the Patriots are going to hold their own and win this game against the Bills. Buffalo is better than they were last year but they are not good enough to beat the Pats right now. New England has started playing their playoff football and all of these games count.

Look for Julian Edelman to have a big day, look for the Pats to try and establish the running game and look for the New England offensive line to get a great test. The Buffalo defense is stout. This will be a good final exam for the Patriots leading up to the playoffs.

Pats beat the Bills 127 to 15…. Tom Brady breaks Peyton Manning’s touchdown record. Seriously 27 to 10 Patriots win….


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