BOSTON (CBS) – Aside from losing in the Stanley Cup Finals, the biggest Boston Bruins story of 2013 was the 7-player trade that sent Tyler Seguin to the Dallas Stars.

The trade to the Western Conference has opened up the game of Tyler Seguin, where he is now free to roam the ice with little to no defensive responsibility.

He’s on pace for 45 goals and 89 points, and even though those numbers jump off the page, there’s no sense in quibbling about it because he never would have produced that way for the Bruins.

Filling in for Toucher and Rich, Johnston & Flynn had Mick Colageo of the Standard Times on Thursday morning, and he believes that given Claude Julien’s defensive system and a number of other factors, Tyler Seguin’s potential output for the Bruins wouldn’t be nearly as impressive as it is now for the Stars.

Gresh: Seguin Trade Working Out Because Of Reilly Smith

Ryan Johnston says “not a chance” Seguin produces at the same clip here in Boston, and Colageo agrees, citing his lack of production against top defenses – a typical characteristic of Eastern Conference teams.

“If you look at the teams he’s produced against, they are all out of the playoffs. I don’t see the production, except in snippets. Maybe that’s enough for him to put up great numbers, but is it the kind of thing a team can take to the bank in May? Not at this point in his career – I don’t see it,” says Colageo.

Listen below:


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