SALEM, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man who scuffled with a state trooper, stole a car and fled the state has been arrested in Massachusetts, the police said.

Police said 42-year-old Sean McGurk of Concord was captured by Massachusetts State Police troopers shortly after noon Monday, following two days on the run.

McGurk is the same man who held Vermont state police at bay three years ago after leading them on a high speed chase. McGurk was holed up in an abandoned house in Bradford and refused to surrender. Police used tear gas to flush him out.

New Hampshire State Police reported Trooper James Powers stopped to help a disabled motorist on Interstate 93 in Salem Saturday night and became suspicious of McGurk’s behavior.

McGurk tried to run from Powers and the two began to scuffle, officials said. Powers used a stun gun and pepper spray in an attempt to subdue McGurk, but he fled into the woods, the police said, adding he stole a car from a nearby residence and fled the state.

Powers was treated for minor injuries.

The car was found at a Haverhill, Mass., shopping center.

The police released no additional details about McGurk’s arrest on charges of simple assault, resisting arrest, theft of a motor vehicle and driving while being deemed a habitual offender.

McGurk’s arrest in Vermont in October 2010 occurred about a month before he was scheduled to go on trial in Manchester on multiple felony charges.

McGurk was also the focus of a bail bond company’s unsuccessful appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. The company challenged a lower court order that it forfeit $11,000 in bail money the company had posted on McGurk, even though the reason he didn’t appear for trial was his arrest and incarceration in Vermont after the police chase. At the time of the court’s ruling last year, McGurk was serving a four-year sentence for burglary.

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