BOSTON (CBS) – Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti said on Friday that the Patriots season is on the line in Baltimore after losing in disappointing fashion to the Miami Dolphins just a week prior.

After a 41-7 win over the rival Ravens, the two Sports Hub hosts couldn’t have been more impressed.

Someone equally impressed and satisfied was head coach Bill Belichick, who was glowing in his postgame presser and complimented his team for a job well done and their fifth straight AFC title.

Esiason: This Season Is Brady & Belichick’s Finest Hour

The Ravens were winners of four straight games before yesterday’s contest, and the Patriots were able to stop them dead in their tracks in a hostile environment.

“There are not many games that I come out of and say ‘That’s what I was looking for’ – and that was one of them,” said Mazz. “To see how they answered everywhere, it’s the kind of win that inspires faith.”

“What I saw yesterday was one team that believed in itself and one team that didn’t. One team had self doubt, and one team did not. A lot of teams would have caved in to that [pressure]. The Patriots went out and executed and won under pressure. For them to be able to do that – on the road against that team in that stadium – is no small feat,” said Mazz.

Felger was concerned on Friday that a loss to the Ravens would indicate an early exit by the Patriots in the playoffs. But for them to be able to come out like that the way they did,  it was an encouraging sign if you’re a Pats fan.

Flynn: Blount, Running Game Carried The Patriots To Big Win Over Baltimore

“This is something I felt going into the game, that they had to prove it to themselves a little bit because it just hasn’t been that kind of year where they’ve had that marquee win on the road. I felt like if they would’ve lost then the season would’ve been over.”

“The defense was so much better yesterday than it’s been in the past month. The offensive line was so much better. They’ve had injuries, they’ve had guys in different and it’s looked that way too. It didn’t yesterday.”

“Logan Mankins may have been the game MVP going out to left tackle and blocking the guys he had to block. You want to talk about statements? How about some of those late Stevan Ridley runs, where he’s carrying three, four guys to the first down?” said Felger.

For the full discussion, listen below:


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