BOSTON (CBS) — If you’re looking for a good snack to serve your holiday guests, maybe you need something sweet and savory.

Phantom Gourmet recently purchases four bags of kettle corn from a local supermarket.

While none can compare to what you get out of a state fair, one did end up at the top of the food chain.

Popcorn Indiana finished in last place. The front of the bag offers an attractive rustic farm scene and it boasts it’s America’s number one kettle corn. Phantom disagrees.

A step up from that is Boom Chick-A-Pop. This brand provides the lightly sweet alternative to classic kettle corn. With subtle sweet and saltiness, the popcorn flavor shines.

Next isĀ Orville Redenbacher. It’s no surprise that the most famous name in popcorn makes some pretty solid kettle corn, too. Each piece explodes with flavor. Unfortunately, the salty overpowers the sweet so there is only so much you would be able to eat.

At the top of the food chain is Smart Food. For starters, this black bag weighs about twice as much as the others. One look at the kernels and it’s easy to see why. They are big, round and plump. Each piece is coated with plenty of sugar and each fluffy bite has a nice balance of salty and sweet.


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