BOSTON (CBS) – Any Bostonian who has ever needed to find parking after a snow storm is familiar with the controversial tradition of space saving.

While they’re out, some residents leave cones, cans, chairs and many other creative objects in street parking spots that they had shoveled out.

Gallery: South Boston Space Savers

Those space savers are typically honored out of respect of the tradition or fear. Some drivers who have ignored space savers have seen their cars vandalized, and even been the victims of violence.

But is there any unwritten rule for when someone claims a spot that they didn’t shovel out? One of these situations recently popped up in Jamaica Plain.

After a recent snow storm, a Jamaica Plain resident who chose to remain anonymous had shoveled out a spot on the street but opted against saving it.

That person returned home to find a neighbor had laid claim to the real estate by placing a chair in the spot.

A space saver in Boston

A space saver in JP. (Viewer Photo)

The resident who dug out the spot appealed to friends on social media, asking what they would do.

Based on one friend’s suggestion, the resident decided to park in the spot and to leave a note on the chair explaining the decision:

A note left by a Boston resident reclaiming a shoveled-out space that had been taken over by someone else's space saver.

A note left by a Boston resident reclaiming a shoveled-out space that had been taken over by someone else’s space saver. (Viewer Photo)

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for saving the parking spot on our street for me with this chair. I imagine you saw me spend half an hour digging it out and didn’t want my hard work to go to waste. To thank you, I would like to invite you over for tea or coffee sometime so we can get to know each other.

Happy Holidays,
Your Neighbors in #1

So far, the chair owner has not responded.

What would you have done?


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