By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – I had to interact with some health care providers Wednesday on personal business, and was struck by how ready some of the medical people were to comment on Obamacare, in terms not really suitable for a family website.

When staffers at a major hospital in the most progressive state health care system in the country tell you they think it’s a bad idea, that’s troubling.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Unless you’re Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who told The Hill newspaper Wednesday he believes the health care law will be “a net positive” for Democratic incumbents in the congressional races next fall.

Reid says he’s been reassured by the White House that the current problems will be taken care of by next November, and public opinion of its architects “will get better…. You’d be surprised what three months’ difference makes.”


The top Democratic leader in Congress and the White House believe the current uproar is a flash in the pan, a passing public mood that will burn hot, then vanish, like the Macarena?

That seems like wishful, inside the bubble thinking.

Consider the new CBS News-New York Times poll showing majority opposition to Obamacare… among the uninsured.

Getting that group covered was the law’s main goal, but it turns out they share the concern of insured Obamacare critics about higher costs.

And almost a third of them say they’ll shun the new coverage because “they object to the government’s requiring it.”

It looks to me like the Obamacare backlash, for now at least, is an unusual political movement, with the anger cutting across class and ideological lines.

Harry Reid, phone home!

Better still, go home and talk to some real constituents instead of swallowing that partisan Beltway hogwash.

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