The Bruins’ lineup has been ravaged with injuries, illness and a suspension, but the team has just kept on chugging through its schedule and maintaining its spot atop the Eastern Conference.

While it hasn’t been easy, defenseman Torey Krug told Gresh & Zo on Wednesday that leadership from Zdeno Chara and the rest of the roster has helped maintain a consistent attitude and effort level all year long.

Andy Gresh asked Krug what Chara told the team after the end of the road trip in Vancouver, and Krug said Chara’s message was just one of many from veteran players in the locker room.

“That’s also been a big part of our consistency so far is our leadership in the locker room. It’s not just Zdeno — yeah, he does an unbelievable job and that’s how he addresses a situation like that — but it’s not just him,” Krug said. “We have other guys in that room that step up. [Patrice] Bergeron’s a guy who comes up right away. I could go down the list and name so many guys on the team. It’s leadership by committee.”

As for the team’s overall mind-set amid all the missing bodies, Krug said it’s about believing in what the coaches are telling them to do.

“For us, it’s been about consistency and making sure we trust our system,” Krug said. “We’ve had a lot of guys fill holes in our lineup, so we have a lot of confidence with those guys who stepped in.”


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