BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater joined Gresh & Zo Wednesday afternoon for his weekly chat.

It was a disappointing ending to the team’s most recent game in Miami after the offense failed to score in the final minutes in the red zone. The game ended on a Tom Brady interception and resulted in a 24-20 loss to the division foes.

Slater said the team has moved on from it and all their attention and energy is focused on beating Baltimore Sunday afternoon.

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Scott Zolak wondered how a veteran like Slater bounces back from losing “a hat and t-shirt game” – that is, a game in which a division, conference or Super Bowl is on the line – so he asked him.

“We have another opportunity to go out and achieve our goal again and seal this division up. There’s still everything in the world to play for, we’ve got to understand that and realize that adversity is part of it,” said Slater.

“We’ve got to put it aside and focus all our energy on this Baltimore game.”

A lot of time this week on this station has been spent discussing defensive pass interference in the NFL and how it’s affecting the outcomes of games.

Afternoon host Michael Felger went so far as to say that it has ruined the NFL.

Matthew Slater is known for his work on the special teams units, but he’s also a wide receiver – so the guys were curious to get his opinion on the matter.

GRESH & ZO: The Wildly Inconsistent Interpretation Of Defensive Pass Interference

Slater gave the prototypical “Belichickian” answer and said that as receivers you can only control what you can control, and can’t worry about the referees.

“We’re being coached to play through it. We can’t play and expect to get calls and look for calls. We have to prepare to be held, or interfered with, and just play through it.”

“You can’t rely on the referees to help you win a game. You got to go out there and win it with your effort and the way you compete.”

Furthering the pass interference discussion, Gresh wanted to know if Slater gives any credence to the notion that referees should “swallow their whistles” in the final minutes of the game to let the players decide it for themselves.

Slater acknowledged how tough a job the officials have, but at the same time believes that the rules should be applied evenly “whether it’s play one or play ninety.”

Listen below for the full interview:



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