A Blog by Gary LaPierre

I certainly hope so because I wouldn’t want NSA to miss a single word of the many important things I have to say on this page.   NSA violating our Constitutional rights with its bookkeeping?      Give me a break!    The do-gooders who are getting their bloomers in a bunch over the fact that the NSA has the capability of monitoring who’s communicating with whom, are spending too much of my time talking about it.   Do you really care that there is a record somewhere in government that shows you called your cousin Tuesday night?    I don’t!   I called my Mom last night at the nursing home.    Record of it somewhere?   Probably….and I’m okay with that.   It’s not a whole lot different from the cameras that snap our pictures every time we drive or walk through an intersection in many public places.   I’m okay with that….but if you’re not, maybe it’s because your cousin lives in a cave in Pakistan….and that should be everybody’s business.    Talk about diversionary tactics in the BHO administration.    This is nonsense!!

So is this:   Rocky Mountain High in Colorado.     Yup, in the state were smokin’ a joint is perfectly OK even if you can’t fake a medical excuse, it’s now going fully public. No medical reasons needed.    Wanna get high?     Just go down to the local pot shop, pick out your favorite leaves, roll a couple of joints and you’ll be singing “everybody’s gonna get stoned” all the way home.   Yes I know, once again all the advocates for medical marijuana, recently approved in several states including Massachusetts, will be coming out of the woodwork,  after me for not allowing legitimate pot treatment for people suffering debilitating diseases.   I get that completely, at least one member of my own family did a few tokes to help deal with glaucoma, but when you witness where the legalization has led various states……mostly the whackos of Colorado, you can’t argue that this is a good thing.   Just attend one cannabis day on Boston Common next summer and you’ll see the exact losers I’m talking about.

One more thing quickly…speaking of Losers with a capital L.  Voters all over Massachusetts have said NO to casinos, if only through the NIMBY argument, but I have to chuckle when the corrupt Commonwealth of Massachusetts says NO to the corrupt casino gambling syndicate wanting to set up shop here, and then the gaming syndicates turn around the accuse the Commonwealth of being corrupt……now that’s funny…..because they’re both right.


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