BOSTON (CBS) – Albert Breer of the NFL Network was a guest on the Gresh & Zo show on Wednesday and expressed a large amount of skepticism regarding the Patriots chances of advancing in the playoffs – let alone winning the Super Bowl.

Scott Zolak asked Bert what his level of concern is for this Patriots team and his response was troubling if you’re a Patriots fan.

“I think you’re looking at a team that’s one-and-done in the playoffs, but that’s tempered by the fact that the conference is so mediocre and who they’re playing could affect that.”

With two weeks to go the AFC playoff picture  is far from being set in stone. Only three teams (the Broncos, Colts and Chiefs) have clinched a berth, and several teams are still in the hunt.

But in looking at the way the Patriots have played the past few weeks, with and without tight end Rob Gronkowski, it’s hard for him to imagine a deep playoff run.

“They’ve got to fight and scrap for everything now,” said Breer referencing their modest wins over the lowly Texans and Browns, and the end of the Miami game.

“All four of Brady’s throws [at the end of the Dolphins game] were into coverage. Nobody was open. Those guys were covered.”

“There’s a realistic scenario where Miami could win the AFC East. The Ravens control their own destiny and could wind up being the number two seed…the Patriots and Bengals now look like if they don’t get their act together they can be in trouble.”

Denver and Kansas City started the season like gangbusters but water has started to sink its level for those teams.

Cincinnati is vulnerable and beatable. The Colts have had key wins over the Seahawks, the 49ers and the Broncos but have also lost to very bad teams as well.

“It’s a very mediocre conference that anyone can win,” concluded Breer.

But what say you?

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