BOSTON (CBS) – There is something different about the 2013 Boston Celtics, and it all starts with their new head coach.

Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman joined Dan Roche and Mike Flynn on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Tuesday morning following Boston’s 101-97 win over the Timberwolves on Monday night, and has noticed three big factors with the team.

“There are three big things going on; two is the maturation of [Jared] Sullinger and [Avery] Bradley, who are becoming above average NBA players. The third thing is, for all the years I’ve been doing this I’ve found that in college ball the team takes on personality of coach and in professional basketball they take on the personality of their best player. This team defies that rule. They have taken on Brad Stevens’ personality,” said Gorman.

3-Point Play: Sullinger Leads The Way Again For Celtics

“They are exceptionally level; they don’t get too excited about wins or down about losses,” he continued. “They are trying constantly to get better and have bought into the coach and his X’s and O’s. There’s not a player I talk to that doesn’t shake his head at the knowledge they feel Stevens has of the game.”

The Celtics are a surprising 12-14 and currently sit atop the Atlantic Division. Gorman says these Celtics aren’t focused too much on their wins and losses, but instead on getting better every night.

“You have a team that isn’t paying attention to the scoreboard, just trying to get better day-by-day, week-by-week. If you had told me before the season they would be 12-14 in December, I would have told you you were really a green-teamer,” he said. “All of a sudden what was supposed to be a ‘tanking year,’ this team is fun to watch. They play hard and (Monday night) was the second-consecutive game they had a lead, let it get away in the third quarter, but then came back again to win.”

Another entertaining part of Monday’s game (at least on TV) was Tommy Heinsohn’s reaction to the numerous fouls called against the Celtics throughout the game.

At one point, Heinsohn took aim at one official in particular, saying “Eddie F. Rush, you’re a fool!”

Gorman said Tommy’s comments on Monday were well within earshot of the officiating crew, and at one point Bill Kennedy turned around and stared at Tommy — who just stared right back.

Gorman has called games with Heinsohn for over 30 years, and said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Tommy get tossed from behind the mic.

“I’m convinced Tommy is getting tossed one of these nights,” said Gorman. “It would be great theater.”

Gorman also expanded on the emergence of Sullinger and gave his thoughts about the upcoming return of Rajon Rondo:



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