BOSTON (CBS) – Donny Marshall, formerly of Comcast SportsNet New England and currently an analyst for NBC Sports, said on the Yahoo Sports Dash that the Celtics will trade Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings as part of a major deal.

Marshall didn’t elaborate on the specifics and timing of the potential deal, but did say that the Kings are intrigued by the potential of matching Rajon Rondo with DeMarcus Cousins.

It trickled out later in the day that the talked-about trade would be Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson, Ben McLemore and two future first-round pick for Rondo.

Adam broke down the possibility of the rumored trade proposal and was left with two main takeaways.

“It sounds far-fetched at this point and time, but it fits my own personal criteria of what I would want for Rajon Rondo: a young player with cost control, that would be Ben Mclemore and also a series of first-round picks,” Jones said.

McLemore, whom Rich Keefe thought was the best player coming out in this past draft, has struggled early on this season but has a world of potential. Him, paired with some draft picks and other players sure sounds like a fair deal for Rondo – especially considering where the Celtics would be selecting those draft picks.

“A future first-round pick from a team like Sacramento to me sounds like it’s pretty valuable. They are always, always always in the lottery.”

So it does fit Jones’ criteria of what a Rajon Rondo trade should look like, but the C’s could get much more for Rondo if they just wait it out.

“If the Kings are already offering a deal like this – which I wouldn’t do, but I don’t think is awful – if they’re already offering a deal like this I just think the deals are going to get better once teams see him on the floor,” said Jones.

“This is just the baseline of what you can get for him.”

Listen below for the full discussion and get Jones and Keefe’s ideal return for Rondo :

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Adam Jones Weighs Pros & Cons Of Rumored Rajon Rondo Trade” artist=”The Adam Jones Show”]



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