BELCHERTOWN (CBS) — It was Friday afternoon when state police were called to a German Shepherd running in and out of traffic along Route 202 in Pelham.

Drivers told police they feared the dog would be struck by a car.

That’s when police say a Massachusetts Department of Transportation supervisor, driving in the area stopped and captured the dog.

When police arrived, the dog easily jumped in the back of the cruiser.

Police didn’t know who the dog belonged to or how far he had traveled so police started driving through Pelham, back to the barracks.

Trooper True said it was in a residential neighborhood that the dog began to whine and frantically paw at the cruiser window as they approached a house.

True stopped, let the dog out, and watched him go up to the porch and retrieve a dog toy.

The dog brought the toy back to the trooper.

Police say no one was home at the time but after a brief game of fetch, the owner returned and “Jake” was reunited with his family.

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