Gresh & Zo opened Monday’s show recapping the Patriots 24-20 loss in Miami.

“The only saving grace as to what happened yesterday is that the three main contenders in the AFC threw up all over their shoes this week. In many ways, it saved the Patriots’ bacon,” said Gresh.

Injuries continue to stack up for New England, with left tackle Nate Solder leaving the game with a head injury. That forced Logan Mankins to move to left tackle, with undrafted rookie Josh Kline taking Mankins’ spot at left guard.

Injuries should never be used as an excuse, but Gresh notes they made the Patriots change their approach late in Sunday’s game.

“They ran 33 plays, and threw the ball 30 times in fourth quarter… They didn’t trust the offensive line once the injuries hit,” said Gresh. “Once Solder went down, they basically stopped running the ball, other than to do it to give the wide receivers a blow.”

“What we learned yesterday is that even though they’ve won these games, and they almost did it yesterday, the margin for error is literally nil,” said Gresh. “They can’t make a big mistake, unless it’s early in the game and they give themselves enough time to overcome it.”



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