BOSTON (CBS) — James’ Breakfast and More may seem like a rather plain name for a restaurant, but don’t be fooled.

The food here certainly isn’t ordinary and neither is the guy who owns this place.

“You sure my hair looks OK?”

It’s James Arsenault, who along with his wife Coryn, run this very busy, very friendly, breakfast and lunch spot on Route 140 in Wrentham.

“There’s nothing but good times here, come on.”

The breakfast menu has classics like bacon and eggs, and piled high pancakes. More inventive options like thick cut Texas French Toast loaded with fresh berries and truly over the top eats like the Alabama Biscuits and Gravy.

“If you eat the whole thing, you got to go home and take a nap.”

Lunchtime can be even more filling. With a perfectly rare Roast BEAST sandwich, Turkey Club that puts all others to shame, and a Steak Bomb with peppers, onions, and melted cheddar.

“It’s just a juicy sloppy mess. That’s why we call it the bomb. Because when it goes off, it’s gonna make a mess.”

In fact the flavor explodes from everything coming out of James’ kitchen.

Because he believes people are tired of eating the same old boring food they can get everywhere else.

“Nobody wants to go to IHOP anymore, it’s not that good. Nobody wants to go to Denny’s because it’s generic, there’s no flavor in the food. Everybody wants something creative.”

For more food and fun, watch Phantom Gourmet Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38.


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