BOURNE (CBS) – A commission looking for ways to alleviate Cape Cod traffic says it’s looking into the possibility of adding a third bridge across the canal.

The Public Private Partnership Oversight Commission confirmed a story in the Cape Cod Times that the new canal crossing would run parallel to the Sagamore Bridge.

“As part of the plan, the new bridge would be tolled, which would generate the revenue required to pay for construction and for maintenance costs going forward,” DOT spokesperson Michael Verseckes said in an email to WBZ-TV.

The new bridge would be designated to one-way traffic, and the Sagamore would only accompany traffic from the opposite direction.

“To be clear, this is only an idea at this point. But based on what we know, the existing traffic demands demonstrate a need for the project,” Verseckes added.

According to the DOT, an average of 22,100 vehicles travel each way over the bridges every day. That number nearly doubles during the summer, causing hours-long back-ups that can stretch for 20 miles.

The DOT says a third bridge would go a long way in helping reduce congestion.

The idea is still in its infancy, and with environmental and other required studies, approval and construction, it would take between seven and 10 years to happen.

Verseckes emphasized that a third bridge is just one idea under consideration.


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