Toucher & Rich have been replaying some of their best moments of the year, and Thursday marked the time for a true fan favorite: The Sports Debate.

The background on The Sports Debate is that someone at another station was upset with Fred Toucher and decided to … challenge him to a sports debate.

This threat simultaneously set Fred off and made him laugh uncontrollably, because … really, who challenges someone to a sports debate?

What resulted was one of the truly great moments of the year for Toucher & Rich.

My plan is this: I think this jack don’t know nothin’ about the ballgames,” Fred joked. “And I’m challenging him to a sports debate. … A sports debate, poindexter? Is that what you wanna do? Would you win a sports debate? Oh my God, congratulations! ‘I can’t stop tuning in! This guy’s winning sports debates all over the place! I was gonna turn the channel, I was listening to the radio on my morning commute and this guy was debating sports all over the place!'”

After some joking about the training that would go into a sports debate, Rich played a movie trailer for the new hit blockbuster film: Sports Debate.

In the mean streets of sports talk radio … where takes can be so hot, sometimes you get burned … one man, who like us has heard all the rumors, is about to take flaming hot takes … to a whole new level!


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