By Jon Keller

NORWELL (CBS) —It’s the time of year when many charities are asking for your help.

Each year, the Globe Santa campaign raises money for gifts for needy children.

It’s early in the effort but one surprising local town is leading the way.

Norwell — a modestly affluent South Shore suburb, but far down the list of most affluent towns.

When hair stylist Patriece O’Malley moved to Norwell from Oklahoma five years ago, she found something money can’t buy.

“I found the best people in the world,” O’Malley said.

At this time of year or at times of foreign or domestic need, one local priest finds his parishioners always ready to do their part.

“A lot of people know in this economy that they’re just a phone call away from bad times. So you want to respond when people ask you to respond, you want to give back,” Rev. Christopher Hickey of St. Helen’s said.

Norwell is like a lot of places around here, a mix of townies and émigrés from the city who share a common commitment to family, faith and community and express it by leaving the collection boxes full.

“My children went through the school system and I find the community very generous,” Judy Hurley said.


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