By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

METHUEN (CBS) – Methuen Police are looking for a burglar or burglars after a rash of robberies on the East Side of the city.

In the past month at least 15 homes have been broken into. Thieves are targeting electronics and jewelry. Detective Lt. James Jajuga, Jr. says there are similarities that lead police to believe the crimes are likely related.

“The fact that they take place at a certain time of day, specifically on the weekends, in a certain area of the city is concerning to us,” Jajuga told WBZ-TV.

Mark Mitchell is one of the victims. Someone broke into the townhouse he shares with his wife and two young children. The family had gone out for just a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. When his wife returned home, she found the door had been kicked in and the house ransacked. The thieves stole a 50 inch plasma TV and jewelry.

“It’s more the invasion,” Mitchell says about the break in. “Somebody was here in your house. It’s not the same.”

Now he’s worried for his family’s safety and he feels like the burglar may be someone who watched them and learned their activities.

“You can’t help but look at everyone around you and think that maybe they had something to do with it,” he said.

The condo community where Mitchell lives has been hit five times by these burglars. Police say that could be a clue.

“We are obviously looking into the possibility that it’s somebody who lives in the complex or somebody who has a relative, family member or friend who lives in the complex,” Jajuga said.

Other nearby neighborhoods have been targeted as well. Police believe at least 15 of the recent burglaries could be linked to the same suspect or suspects. Still, they do not have a description.

Methuen Police are warning residents to lock doors and windows and look out for their neighbors. They are asking the public to call with any information about the rash of break-ins.



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