BOSTON (CBS) — As part of a new series “Eye On Education,” WBZ-TV will be focusing on both technology and innovation in the school systems across the state.

It’s no secret that technology is becoming essential in the classroom.

For a small charter school in Boston, this is the first year a virtual classroom is helping prepare students for what they’ll need to know as they move to the college level.

At the Boston Prep Charter School is Hyde Park, Principal Sarah Meyer is proud every senior will head to a four year college even though the school can’t offer every course her students may want.

That’s where Virtual High School comes in. It’s a Maynard-based company that offers online classes to high school students.

“Students in rural areas or in urban settings that may not have exposure to the variety of AP courses or special courses can take those anytime, anywhere they want,” Virtual High School President and CEO Jeffrey Elliott said.

Meyer says it adds a whole new dimension to her school’s offerings.

“It really does give them that experience of being in a seminar or being in a college-style course that you might get at a prep school or private school,” she said.

Oluwaseun Adebagbo is learning time management and independence through the program.

“Every week we always have problems for credit which is our main homework,” Adebagbo says.

It will help her be prepared next year when she arrives on campus.

“As challenging as it is, I’m kind of happy it’s here because if not for VHS I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take AP Psychology specifically because I really want to pursue a career in that and this gives me the chance to take those classes that my school doesn’t offer,” Adebagbo said.

Meyer says she looks forward to getting those AP scores at the end of the year to see how the students fared.

If you have an Eye on Education story that features something great going on in your school system, let WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben know about it.

Contact Paula on Twitter @PaulaEbbenWBZ, or by email. You can also leave a note in the comment section below.

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