Fisher-Price is under pressure to pull the plug on its new iPad bouncy seat for newborns.

It’s called the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPads.  It comes with an attachment where parents can insert an iPad.  Your baby can lay in it and look at the iPad for hours.

But, is this really a good idea?

Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood doesn’t think so.  The groups claims exposure to electronic devices like an iPad are unhealthy to a child’s development.  And the seat encourages parents to leave the baby alone.  They’ve started an online petition urging Fisher-Price to recall the Apptivity Seat.

The company responded, saying the seat is not meant as an educational product for children.

What do you think about the Apptivity Seat? Should young children be exposed to electronic devices like an iPad?  Do you let your kids use them?


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