BOSTON (CBS) — Did you pay attention in human anatomy class?

What Does The Spleen Do? (Ben Rome/YouTube)

What Does The Spleen Do? (Ben Rome/YouTube)

If not, the students at Harvard Medical School have a quick refresher for you.

It’s a music video titled “What Does The Spleen Do?” and piggybacks on the viral sensation ‘What Does The Fox Say?” by Ylvis.

This video was created for the 107th Annual Second Year Show by the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine class of 2016.

Lyrics detailing the job of the human spleen were written by students Will Lewis, Lydia Flier, Eddie Grom, and Ariana Metchik-Gaddis.

“Big blue veins, Lymphy nodes, Lots of blood in lots of holes. Kind of shaped like Brazil. And your texture’s such a thrill. Your pulp is red, So beautiful, Like a kidney in disguise. If you can live without your spleen, Can your spleen live without you-­ou-ou-­ou-­ou? You-­ou-­ou-­ou-­ou? You-­ou-­ou-­ou-­ou? How could your spleen live without you-ou-ou-ou-­ou? You-­ou-­ou-­ou-­ou? You-­ou-­ou-­ou-­ou? What does the spleen do?”

The video, filmed on campus, features a dancing spleen and several dancing med students in the halls of Harvard’s buildings.


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