A Blog by Gary LaPierre

No, I’m just kidding about the stand-up.      He looks and sounds like he’s lying down or falling asleep, but he’s actually standing up when he comes out for his news conference after each game and I can’t help but chuckle every time he opens his mouth.   Well actually, he doesn’t open his mouth really….he kinda mumbles out of one side of it and even the $2,000 hi-tech microphones have a difficult time deciphering what he’s saying.    Tommy Menino could be an articulation coach compared to Coach Belichick and I have to say…….it’s entertaining……almost.

Speaking of sports…………wasn’t I?   This Patriots football team is a nightmare.  Oh I know, they’ve been ending up in the “W” column and not the “L” column when the final whistle blows……but they don’t deserve it.    How can any team play that bad for two quarters…….(3 Q’s  last Sunday) and suddenly pour it on in the final quarter and win?  I really don’t know, but if the game was only two quarters long, Billerica High would kick ’em.   And by the way, that pass interference call in the end zone against Cleveland the other day was a joke.   Bradys’  trying to bring home the bacon in the final minute of the game, tosses one into the end zone and the Browns get called  for pass interference.   That was a joke, the defensive player was no-where near interfering with  the receiver, BUT……… N.E’s. hometown refs and line judges win the game for the Patriots.  The Patriots did not deserve that “W”.

A couple of other items briefly:   The hit on Gronk was legal I guess, but I’ve seen hit-men perform in the past and that one was perfect.  That was a kimakazi take-down!  I wasn’t really talking about dirty players or thugs in the game…..but watching the NFL is like watching “the Longest Yard” without the barbed wire fence around it.   “He broked-ed my nose.”    There isn’t enough room on the web page to list all the thugs, but just off the top, did you see KJ Wright’s behavior with the Seahawks yesterday?  Thug! And speaking of thugs, where did the Pats find Aqib Talib?   I know the answer actually, but this supposed super defensive linebacker  has done more to help this team lose games than to win ’em.  A couple of weeks ago he was starting fights and drawing penalties…..this past weekend he was getting faked out of his shorts by Cleveland receivers.   And the media keeps sticking microphones under his nose!

One more thing:     Is Jacoby Ellsbury a traitor for a buck$$$?      Yup!


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