By Danielle Niles

BOSTON (CBS) – For the past 43 years, Bridge Over Troubled Waters has provided services for the homeless youth of Boston. Located across from the Boston Common with a staff of 45, their warming center is open every night offering more than just a place to sleep.

“We average about 100 kids a day that come to our program,” says Elisabeth Jackson, the Executive Director of Bridge. “They come for counseling, get a shower, get something to eat, come to our residential programs, use GED services.”

For four months between December and April, it will cost the organization $120,000 to keep the warming center open.

“We teach them every step what it means to be self-sustainable,” Jackson says.

The United Way is just one of the corporations working to support the program financially.

“When people see a youth on the street, they might not realize what is going on in that person’s life,” says Mike Durkin, president of the United Way. “They need a place to stay, they need food, they need the resources in their whole life, and they need people and organizations that are going to help.”

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