BOSTON (CBS) – Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti opened their show on Friday discussing the Seattle Mariners and Robinson Cano agreeing to terms on a 10-year, $240 million deal and the Yankees missing out on signing the All-Star second baseman.

To start the offseason the Bronx Bombers signed catcher Brian McCann, and earlier this week free agent outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury was able to ink a deal.

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Mazz doesn’t see how Jacoby Ellsbury is a better option than Cano, so he took a New York Yankees fan perspective and explains why the team messed this whole thing up.

“I’d be pissed. If you gave me the choice of Jacoby Ellsbury for 7 years and $153 million or Robinson Cano for 10 [years] and $240 million, to me it’s a no-brainer,” said Mazz.

“It’s easy, Cano. It’s not close. Robinson Cano is a hell of a lot closer to being a $24 million player than Jacoby Ellsbury is to being a $22 million player.”

Felger & Mazz: Do Long Term Free Agent Deals Ever Work Out?

Mike Felger is on board with Tony’s line of thinking, and feels like Cano and the Mariners are a bad fit.

“Is there any chance in the world that the Cano contract out there works out? Can’t we just sit here right now and say that it has no chance? Doesn’t this just wreak of being one of those [bad deals]?” said Felger.

“It’s not a hitters ballpark, and Robinson Cano gets accused of being detached as it is in New York City – what happens when he goes out there and the Mariners are five games out of .500 heading into June? You can’t get to the Dominican Republic on a direct flight from Seattle…that’s going to be a disaster,” concluded Felger.

Mazz predicts that Cano will want out of Seattle in two or three years and that “it’ll be a mess.”

Listen below to hear Felger make the case for Jacoby Ellsbury being a better fit for the M’s than Cano:



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