BOSTON (CBS) – I’ll give you the good news first – good being a relative term here – because we’re finally hearing about technical improvements on the government’s healthcare web site after a very difficult roll-out.

Politico reports that 29,000 people successfully enrolled in health plans through on Sunday and Monday – more than signed-up during the entire month of October.

The site was re-launched last weekend after some 400 software bugs were fixed and hardware was upgraded. Apparently for the better.

That’s not to say the President’s enrollment goals will be met. Indeed Republicans say the numbers are still too low for this to work in time.

And there are in fact new reasons to worry this morning about why.

This is the bad news part.

A new poll by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics finds only about a third of young, uninsured adults are leaning toward enrolling. And about the same number say they’re leaning against it.

Remember – young, healthy people are needed to make this whole system function by offsetting the cost of older and sick people. That’s of course how the insurance business works.

And if this poll is telling the truth and young people don’t show-up the web site problems will seem quaint.

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