BOSTON (CBS) – At 8-12 your Boston Celtics are in first place in the Atlantic Division.

For those keeping track at home that’s a .400 winning percentage.

Someone who’s definitely not paying attention to the standings at home is coach Brad Stevens, who was asked about his team’s record after their most recent win against the Milwaukee Bucks.

“It has no bearing on my life, literally none. You can take a snapshot of where you stand versus the competition but it has nothing to do with your preparation for the next opponent. It has nothing to do with getting better tomorrow, it just has what’s happened,” said Stevens.

Celtics At 7: Are Celtics A Playoff Team When Rondo Gets Back?

As division leaders the C’s currently sit as the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference if the playoffs were to start today.

Their record is far from impressive, but help is on the way. All-star point guard Rajon Rondo is meeting with world-renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews in the coming weeks that will ultimately determine when he can return to game action.

With Rondo back in the mix sooner rather than later, there’s no way this Celtics team will “tank” and miss the playoffs (like some fans want) and get into the NBA lottery.

It seems like Celtics fans are split down the middle in what they want this team to do, so Adam Jones wants to know: are you happy with the Celtics start?

“You don’t have to be ‘all in’ or ‘tank’ – I think that’s so overblown in the NBA that you have to be either rebuilding or competing for championships,” said Jones. “I don’t think for the time being there’s any issue with playing it out, and seeing how good the team is, trying to showcase some of your guys.”

“And then if you’re too good and you want to try and fix things and miss the playoffs, deal Brandon Bass or deal Jeff Green. Deal whomever else and knock yourself down a peg – you don’t have to make that decision sitting here in early December.”

Listen to the full discussion below:



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