BOSTON (CBS) —- With news Jacoby Ellsbury is headed to the New York Yankees, WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens penned a poem.

Sources tell MLB insider Jon Heyman of CBS Sports that the deal is for seven years and $153 million.

Neither the Yankees nor Ellsbury’s agent, Scott Boras, immediately confirmed a deal had been struck, but sources suggest there are only final details left to be ironed out.

Listen to Carl’s poem

Roll over Jacoby and give Johnny Damon the news.

The curse is reversed…I think you’ll be singing the blues…

Upon the platter of fate you will soon be served…

I predict a few years on injured reserve…

Oh sure, you’ll hit and run and hustle,

And then crack a rib or pull a muscle…

But take all that money and enjoy your lunch,

As you sit around the table with that beardless bunch…

But i believe it’s a sorrowful song you’ll sing,

Because money no longer buys a ring.

It’s a business, I get that, I don’t blame you a bit

For scooting into that Manhattan money pit,

You can be another engine in that world of car wrecks,

Maybe get some numbers from A-Rod’s rolodex,

Or you could subscribe to his special medication…

I think you’ll come to miss this Red Sox Nation

You can cash your checks in that beautiful world,

And ride on a tabloid tilt-a-whirl…

Another pretty face on a rich, pretty team,

Pedicures and manicures and squeaky clean…

I get why you’re going…it’s money…i see:

You’re another stick on the fire of a rivalry…

A fleeting footnote who might limp off into time

While we’re belting out “Sweet Caroline.”

Roll over Jacoby and give Johnny Damon the news.

The curse is reversed …I think you’ll be singing the blues.


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