BOSTON (CBS) — ‘Tis the season, which means ’tis the time to step up the dress code for all those different holiday parties.

WBZ-TV brought in Aricia Symes-Elmer, of Time To Shift Your Style, to demonstrate how to look great all season long.

Those party invitations have rolled in and Symes-Elmer has some ways to get ready for an office party, a festive cocktail party, and an open house.

The model Sadira has an invite to her neighbor’s house, so Symes-Elmer took her to The Loft for a sophisticated, yet casual look.

Since this party calls for comfort with kids running around, Sadira starts with a simple lace cami and textured tweet jacket and added some holiday shimmer by layering three necklaces and completed the outfit with beautiful velour pants, slightly cropped and on trend. Symes-Elmer says to forget the red and green: the pop of color comes from a cranberry day bag.

To save money, some of these items may already be in people’s closets so she advises shoppers to think of pairing textures of lace, velour and tweed, and don’t forget the shimmer with accessories.

A typical dilemma Symes-Elmer hears about is the time of the modern-day office party: right after work, with no time to go home and change. For this, she recommended the store Irrestibles to step it up.

The second model, Kyana, transformed her office party look with some proper planning and a few pieces stashed in her purse. She just had to slip off her black blazer to show off her red silk blouse with rosettes that works for day and shines at night.

Kyana’s sparkly bracelets are on display, and her shimmery accessories include Lucite earrings and a rhinestone clutch. Last, she slips off her leather pumps to put on a glamorous heel and is ready to party with her co-workers.

Symes-Elmer points out that shoppers will save money by not buying a new dress for every holiday event. Additionally, some terrific accessories can be used again for other events throughout the season.

The last model, Jo, was invited to an evening out for drinks with her husband. She loves fancy cocktail dresses, but doesn’t want to look overdone. They went to Lord & Taylor to shop for great dresses and toppers.

Symes-Elmer found a jewel-toned cocktail dress in sateen: when you wear it on its own, it’s sleek and sophisticated. When paired with edgier pieces, it creates a perfect party look that’s stylish but not black tie. They chose a sequin moto-cut jacket and a leather bag, and leather bootie instead of a pump.

To save money, Symes-Elmer advises shoppers to use this same strategy by re-wearing dresses bought for other events, as long as it’s topped with a piece that’s less dressy, like a cardigan sweater with a ruffle.

More style tips and all outfit details can be found at


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