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Consider this:

The Affordable Health Care Act is a big deal to everyone. It’s big if you are against it because you likely believe it is an unfair intrusion on your freedom, and it’s just as big if you favor it. Whether you consider this beast a friend or a foe, it’s upon us.

While the ACA rollout has only given opponents grist for their “I told you so” mill, fans of Obamacare have been shown evidence that perhaps this thing is not all it was cracked up to be. Regardless of how events play out in the long run, the current state of the healthcare transition is grim. So far, it has been a parade of broken promises and bad news.

Having seen what we’ve seen, what are your feelings about the current realities of the Affordable Care Act? True, the system was broken before. Something had to be done. We need to laud the effort to make things right. But, in light of recent events, we have to consider the possibility the Affordable Care Act is bad medicine in it’s current incarnation.


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