BOSTON (CBS) – If you’re planning on shopping Black Friday, a local expert says take a map with you.

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Edgar Dworsky of Consumer says you really need to do your homework before heading out the door to compete with the crowd of shoppers looking for deals.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Deb Lawler reports

He told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 you should know the floor plan of each store on your list.

“Target, for example, has floor plans on their website. If you don’t know ahead of time where you’re going you could miss out on one of the deals,” Dworsky said.

“Target is placing things in places you wouldn’t expect. The TV’s that are in the circular are in women’s maternity in some stores, believe it or not. Small appliances may be in the furniture department.”

“Every store has its own floor plan and a little key for the specials. They want people not to all crowd to the TV department for example and the DVD’s in my Target for example, are in the girls’ department. Every place you would not expect.”



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