CONCORD, NH (CBS) – Police in Concord, New Hampshire are searching for a man who attacked and tried to abduct a 19-year-old woman on Tuesday.

Officials say the woman was behind a neighbor’s home in her Curtis Avenue neighborhood around 5 p.m. when the suspect walked up and attacked her.

“She was at a neighbor’s house checking on some dogs, standing on a back porch. She was on her phone when she heard a noise and thought it might be the dogs,” said Concord New Hampshire Police Lt. Timothy O’Malley. “She heard a second noise and at that point she realized it was a person.”

The victim told police that the man, whom she did not recognize, pinned her to the deck and repeatedly smashed her face into the deck.

She managed to fight him off and escape to a neighboring home as the suspect tried to drag her away.

“This person tried to grab her and pull her by her leg,” said Lt. O’Malley. “That’s why we believe this was an attempted abduction.”

The victim was treated at the scene for her injuries.

Police say the suspect took off down the railroad tracks that run along the west side of the Merrimack River.

Investigators released a sketch of the suspect. He is described as a white man, possibly in his forties, about 5’11” with medium build, and long dark hair that covered his eyes at one point. He was also said to have a large nose and little or no facial hair.

The victim also described the suspect as appearing “very dirty.”

He was wearing a dark-colored knit-hat, a tan Carhart-style jacket, and ripped blue jeans.

According to Lt. O’Malley, the suspect may have headed north along the tracks but investigators are canvassing all of the surrounding areas.

Reports of the attack came as a shock to Curtis Avenue residents.

“It just makes me nervous,” admitted Jon Lamonda. “(Residents) think they’re going to be safe and then somebody just comes out of the woods.”

“We know each other around here so this is really weird,” said Jessica Williams, “But what we need is maybe a little more security.”

WBZ-TV’s Whitney Burbank contributed to this report. Follow her on Twitter @Whit_Burbank

Anyone who has information relative to the incident is asked to call the Concord Regional Crimeline at (603) 226-3100.


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